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Shark fishing out of Pensacola or Pensacola Beach can be an absolute blast. A number of different types of sharks frequent our local wrecks and reefs including blacktips, bull sharks, hammerheads, tigers, and several other species of sharks.

On fishing charters out of Pensacola, out into the Gulf of Mexico we have hundreds and hundreds artificial reefs and natural bottom areas where bait and fish congregate. In return, sharks takes resident at these spots, and take advantage of some easy feeding.

Once we arrive at one of the wrecks or reefs we’ll put out a couple of different rods and reels with a variety of different baits. One of the most popular baits is bonita, depending on the size we’ll either use a piece of it cut up or use the whole thing after butterflying it.

The rod and reels we use are typically 50-class outfits with 80-pound line. The leader is anywhere from 150 to 300 pound wire and we usually try to match the hook to the size of bait we’re using and the size of shark we’re targeting.

Blacktip shark are a widespread, medium-sized shark characterized by its black-tipped pectoral, dorsal and tail fins that give this species its name. It’s mistaken for the spinner shark quite often because both species have torpedo-shaped bodies and are known for spinning out of the water while feeding.

Bull sharks are a predatory species that lives in coastal waters and has the best ability to move into freshwaters – particularly large, coastal rivers and lakes. They’re able to move back and forth between saltwater and freshwater with ease. This behavior brings them into more contact with humans than most species of sharks, and they are therefore responsible for fatally biting more people than any other species of sharks in local waters.

Hammerhead sharks are an unmistakable group of sharks that can be distinguished from all other fishes by the shape of their heads. The wide, hammer-shaped head gives these sharks their common name, and the scalloped hammerhead is named for the notches found along the front edge of its head.

Tiger sharks gets their name from the characteristic vertical bars that cover the sides of its body. Though these bars fade slightly as individuals reach adulthood, they are very noticeable in juveniles and at least party visible throughout the lifetime. Reaching lengths of at least 18 feet (5.5 m) and 2000 pounds (nearly a metric tonne), the tiger shark is the fourth largest shark and second largest predatory shark, behind only the great white.

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