White trout fishing around the Pensacola Bay Bridge is a pretty good thing to do during the month of February. While fishing around the bridge you can also expect to catch some redfish along with an occasional black drum.

Sheepshead are a popular target for many anglers this time of year. Right now you’ll want to look for them around bridges and structure in Pensacola Bay. Once we move into March you can start looking for them around Pensacola Pass.

Speckled trout is closed throughout February, but there’s some good fishing if you don’t mind catch and release. There’s a few good places to look for them including the bayous, rivers, and canals. If you’re just looking for some action the canals in Gulf Breeze can be great.

If you’re looking to go bottom fishing for keepers you’ll want to focus on vermillion snapper and scamp. The vermillions can be found on large wrecks and natural bottom in both and state federals, while the best scamp fishing will be found on rocks and ledges on the Edge.

Tuna fishing can get really good in the month of February out around the deepwater rigs and on a couple of the different mounds off Mississippi and Lousiana. Weather windows can be few and far between so just keep a close eye on the weather if you’re looking to go.

Piers & Beaches
If the weather cooperates February can be a good time to start searching for pompano in the surf on the beach. Usually, the largest fish of the season are caught early, but you won’t find near the numbers of fish that you will once the migration gets into full swing through March and April.

Bob Sikes Bridge and Fort Pickens Pier are good place to try for sheepshead, along with an occasional redfish. Be sure to try at a time where there’s some moving tide, either incoming or outgoing. Live shrimp and fiddler are both great options.